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Bedstatus™ - Introducing Context-Based Patient Care

Bedstatus™ is a context-based solution, developed alongside nurses and clinicians, to maximize hospital workflows. By linking directly to a facility’s existing EMR, Bedstatus™ provides intake, clinical staff, and environmental services with real-time patient and bed data via electronic whiteboards, web-based dashboards, and PUSH notifications. Administrators benefit from on-demand reports to assist with audits and measure patient throughput and staff productivity.

Developed using our SIMPLE Software Policy, Bedstatus™ is a cost-effective product that is guaranteed to win instant praise among nurses, doctors and clinical staff. The software plugs and plays with any Healthcare Information System. This complete bed management system takes minimal training and is easy to integrate into existing workflows. The effects on your organization will be immediately visible with Bedstatus™.

Patient Care Benefits

  • Automatic Whiteboard Updates with Patient Lookups
  • Continuity of Care for Shift Turnover
  • Patient Status Code Tracking
  • Automatic Same Name Alert
  • Organization-Wide, At-A-Glance Bedboard Views
  • Nursing Assignments with Meal Times
  • Expiring Countdowns for Time Sensitive Tasks

Financial Benefits

  • Optimization of Bed Management Workflow
  • Discharge and EVS Efficiency Reports
  • Automation of Tasks Saves Time for Clinical Staff
  • Optimization of Patient Throughput
  • Length of Stay Management
  • Bed Reconciliation
  • Timely Updates of Bed Availability

Quality Benefits

  • Improve Accuracy of Data
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Resolve Legibility Issues
  • 30 Day Readmit Tracking
  • Timely Updates of Patient Care Related Information
  • Automatic Acuity Survey and Reporting
  • Bed/Room Reservations
  • Patient Care Summary Reports

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