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Announcing Another Successful Implementation

Galaxy Creations is pleased to announce the successful implementation of our Bedstatus™ software at Victor Valley Global Medical Center. Following a detailed discovery phase, during which the hospital layout, workflows, and project priorities were identified, the facility’s Bedstatus™ was customized to address the unique concerns facing nurses, administrators, and hospital staff at Victor Valley.

In addition to the newly developed Acuity module, the 101 bed acute care hospital chose to implement Galaxy’s EVS module. This revolutionary service sends PUSH notifications to environmental services triggered by patient discharges, and closely tracks the bed clean cycle, allowing administrators a high-level overview of the entire hospital throughput from admission to discharge.


Galaxy Solves Common BHU Pain Points

After a few short months with our nose to the grindstone, Galaxy Creations completed a new BHU module to address the unique challenges of behavioral health units. Our developers worked closely with clinical staff to ensure that patient legal statuses, social worker and internist assignments, and initial visits by a physician were all accounted for and trackable using the customizable Bedstatus™ tracker board.

Next on the docket is a Labor & Delivery board, which will address the fast-paced workflows of this unit. This board will include custom fields, colors, and status codes to adapt to the needs of any facility who wants to better manage their Labor & Delivery workflows.


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